Our Board has designed committees so that each member has an area of interest to focus on and make recommendations to the Board for diligent decision making. Committees meet regularly during active times of the years. Members are more than welcome to sit on each of these committees and help in the areas they are interested in.

Community Relations Committee

  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Other Outreach Areas

Fundraising and Special Events Committee

  • Annual Awards Dinner
  • Raffle Fundraiser

Membership Committee is made up of five subcommittees

  • Membership Drive – a month long push for new members going door to door
  • Membership Luncheons – finding sponsors and speakers
  • Mixers – finding members to host the mixers
  • Ambassadors – a select group of 8 wearing red coats and making themselves seen
  • Membership Trainings – finding the training opportunities and planning the event



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